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Viceroy Commercials [Part 2]

Compilation of Viceroy cigarette commercials from 1968 including "Viceroy's Got the Taste That's Right," "Right Any Time of the Day," "The Good Taste Never Quits," and "All the Taste, All the Time."

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: guyburns - - September 20, 2013
Subject: Most of these are dull, unimaginative ads
13 mostly dull and unimaginative ads in 15 minutes. The first part features people in a variety of situations where they feel short changed by their present cigarette and want something better tasting. Includes sequences of a singer in a recording studio, a building designer x 2 (1.05), an animator (3.30), a standup comedian (5.20), hovercraft (6.40), man and woman using a video phone (7.40), movie star interview (9.00), fitting a running shoe (10.10).

Then there are several repeats of ads (11.20+) from Part 1 with the theme and jingle “The taste that’s right”. These are pretty good.

My pick of this dismal bunch (other than the Part 1 repeats) is the video phone ad at 7.45. Snappy video work, a classy rendition of the “All the taste, all the time” jingle, and the storyline has some interest.

Video and audio quality are very good.

Four-stars for the video phone ad and the Part 1 repeats, one-star for the rest.